AFDD+ Arc Fault Detection from Eaton

AFDD+ from Eaton

A new product category – the Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) – is taking the safety of domestic installations to the next level. The new AFDD+ from Eaton detects arc faults that standard RCDs and MCBs can’t thereby reducing the risk of fires ignited in electrical installations.

IS 10101 Clause 421.7

AFDD+ from Eaton offers enhanced protection against the risk of electrical fires and complies with clause 421.7 from the recent I.S.10101:2020:

Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) will now be recommended for circuits installed in locations with particular risk, such as:

  • In premises with sleeping accommodation;
  • In locations with risks of fire due to the nature of processed or stored materials, i.e. BE2 locations, (e.g. barns, woodworking shops, stores of combustible materials);
  • In locations with combustible constructional materials, (example = wooden buildings);
  • In fire propagating structures;
  • In locations with endangering of irreplaceable goods.

The danger posed by arc faults

More than 25 % of all fires in Europe are caused by electrical defects and while conventional protective switchgear protects homes against electrical fires in general, they don’t protect against arc faults.

Arc faults have many possible causes: jammed or damaged cables, pets and rodents who chew through the insulation, loose terminals, damage to the insulation due to nails and screws, UV radiation, bent plugs and cables, as well as overtaxed and incorrectly laid cables. Eaton’s AFDD+ protects you against electrical fires through the timely detection of electric arcs in the wiring of your home.

Safety thanks to preventive arc fault fire protection

Through continuous electronic cable monitoring, the AFDD+ from Eaton detects arc faults and automatically trips to help prevent residential electrical fires. As an all-in-one device, the AFDD+ combines the protective functions of a residual-current circuit breaker, a miniature circuit breaker, and an arc fault detection device to protect against electrical shocks, over-currents, as well as short circuits or arc faults in power cables.

Core features

  • Combines three protective functions in one device
    • Arc fault fire protection
    • Short-circuit and overcurrent protection (cable protection)
    • Residual current protection
  • Easy to install in both new and existing installations
  • Saves time during troubleshooting with repetition of the error code
  • In the event of a fault, only the affected final circuit is switched off
  • Built-in displays indicate the device status and the trip reason
  • The highly sensitive digital detection of arc faults exceeds the applicable product guidelines and prevents unintentional tripping
  • AFDD+ busbar as accessory supports easy and flexible installation
  • Meets the recommendations of I.S.10101:2020 clause 421.7
  • Complies with the guidelines set out in IEC 60364-4-42
  • Suitable for use in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-420

Fires ignited by electrical installations in residential properties have many causes. So, if you can reduce the risk with an all-in-one Eaton solution, why wouldn’t you?

Achieve the recommendations of I.S.10101:2020 clause 421.7 with an Eaton AFDD+ available from TEC Electric

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